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President of Estonia
Case study
A virtual accelerator: from ideas to prototypes in two weeks. While in lockdown!

“We value the cooperation with Elevate because they help us become a better company. Together we tackle real problems and create new ways of working to become more agile and focused. Elevate brings new methodology and mentors into our teams to accelerate our core business and find new opportunities for growth.”

Holger Haljand
VP Consumer Telia Estonia

“We partnered with Elevate as we needed a rather complex design sprint solution. In fact, our cooperation started before that as Elevate helped us to determine that a design sprint was the right approach for what we wanted to achieve (which wasn’t what we initially thought).  They ran the design sprint with a mix of internal and external experts, and kept objectivity and focus on designing a great solution for customers. That required them to be a partner who not only understood the design sprint process and how to manage it but also were able to bring in subject-matter-experts. Just super-happy with the cooperation with Elevate”

Chris Robbins
CEO of Tele2 Estonia

“The one-day Neptunas workshop we did with Elevate helped us to achieve 3 very tangible results all at once: to focus on what is important and throw out low priority things. Secondly, as the whole team was in the same room for a full day, we got everyone on the same page and a puzzle we had been having magically came together. Thirdly, we have been able to plug the results from the workshop directly into our water business strategy and have now a clear timeline and action plan for the next 3-5 years. I could not be more happy with the results!”

Konstantin Choukchoukov 
Head of CC Hellenic Baltic